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For nearly ten years, Diane’s Tank Removal has been preparing residential and commercial sites for underground fuel storage tank removal. Part of a successful tank removal project is determining if a site’s soil has been contaminated. If it has, our professionals can analyze how the contaminants have been distributed, determine potential environmental health risks, and develop a plan to bring the soil back to a functional and safe state.

Professional Site Characterization

By using soil samples, our skilled technicians can develop a deeper understanding of your site’s soil, rock, groundwater, and subsurface properties. We can assess the various qualities of your site to better understand any potential risks, determine clean up costs and solutions, and keep you and your property safe. Our site characterization can also help you determine the most cost efficient and productive future use of your site.

Our technicians can begin the site characterization process by reviewing any historical data associated with your site. Knowing which specific substances have been stored in the underground fuel tank can help us better understand how the water supply, air quality, and other factors could be impacted. The past uses of your site plus the innovative sampling and research we conduct can help us thoroughly resolve any contamination issues as quickly as possible.

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